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A-Rated, Energy Upgrade in Co. Louth.

Client Complaint: A cold house beside the sea.

This dormer bungalow was originally built in the 1970's. It had single glazed windows and no insulation in the roofs or the walls. The building faces North towards the sea and is very exposed to strong winds. The couple who bought the house wanted to save on heating bills and make the house more comfortable. To achieve this we:

  • Stripped off the existing roof and dormer walls
  • Laid an air tight membrane / Insulated the rafters.
  • Covered roof with modern felt and re-slated.
  • Insulated dormer walls / External wall insulation.
  • Re-orientated inside of house to make use of passive solar gain
  • Installed suitable glazing and Velux roof lights increasing natural light
  • Installed high efficiency boiler with separate zonings.
  • Installed solar collectors on the roof for hot water.
  • Installed solid wood burning stove with oxygen supplied through an insulated flue eliminating uncontrolled air flows.
A-Rated, Energy Upgrade in Co. Louth A-Rated, Energy Upgrade in Co. Louth

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