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Passive House

Certified, Passiv House, Dublin.

This is a fully certified Passiv Haus, which means that this home is very well insulated and its annual space heating demand is so low that a conventional heating system can be omitted. The annual space heating for a building like this is up 15 KWh/ (m2a) (kilowatt-hour per square meter of living/ usable area per annum.) This building is difficult shape. It has eight different exterior faces, leaving the inside with many difficult angles.

Exterior building envelope must have u-values below 0.15 W/ (m2K); the external envelope must be constructed without thermal bridges. The air tightness of the building envelope must not exceed 0.6 h-1 at a pressure differential of 50 pa (for both over and under pressure. All the glazing in the building must have u-values below 0.8 W/ (m2K) and a high solar energy transmittance (g) of a least 50%. The ventilation system must be designed with the highest emery conservation standards in mind. Domestic hot water generation and distribution systems with minimal heat losses must be used. Highly efficient use of house hold electricity is essential.

The main features of this house are:

  • Exterior walls constructed with 75mm of Rockwool in the service cavity, 200mm of cellulose between the timber studs and an 80 wood fibre board cladding the outside of the studs. The finished fa├žade is a cement fibre board which is rendered.
  • Windows triple glazed
  • South Westerly Orientation.
  • Installed a highly efficient heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Building is taped and sealed - achieved an air pressure test result of 0.36 ACH, which considering the complexity of the angles and the number of exterior faces is a very good result.
  • The floor and rising walls of the building are insulated by the Supergrund foundation system.
  • Rain water harvesting tank installed.
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