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Passive House

Certified, Passiv House, Dublin.

Passive houses are very well insulated buildings whose annual space heat demand is so low that the conventional heating system can be omitted (this is something that will need to be considered by you, we can talk it over). The small amount of heat required can be delivered to the individual rooms by heating the air supplied by the ventilation system. This will work, when the space heating energy demand is up to 15kwh/(m2a) (kilowatt-hour per square meter of living/usable area per annum).

The construction of a passive house is very demanding in terms of the performance of the building components used. The following reference values apply to the Central European climate. The principles are valid in Ireland.

  • Exterior building elements must have a u-value below 0.15 w/(m2k)
  • The external envelope must be constructed without thermal bridges. We have used our own design for the structure of your dwelling so it complies with this standard. We will be happy to show you the construction details and explain how they work, so that the inside building elements are prevented from touching the outside building elements, so that all thermal bridging has been eliminated.
  • The air tightness of the building envelope should be verified by means of an air leakage test complying with DIN EN 13829 standard. The measure of air leakage must not exceed 0.6 h-1 at a pressure differential of 50 Pa (for both over and under-pressurisation).
  • All glazing must have u-values below 0.8 W/(m2k) according to DIN EN.
  • The ventilation system must be designed with the highest energy recovery efficiency (nhr > 75% complying with PHI certification; for results from standard testing procedures 12 percentage points have to be subtracted). It must also have minimal electricity consumption ( < 45 Wh/m3 supply air volume).
  • Domestic hot water generation and distribution system with minimal heat loss.
  • Highly efficient use of household electricity is essential.

Simply combining appropriate components is not sufficient to construct a building as a Passive House – the integration as a whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. The component interaction necessitates an integral plan in order to achieve the Passive House Standard.

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