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Mount Carrick specialise in designing environmentally conscious innovative and contemporary architecture. We use the latest construction methods and technologies to produce climate responsive high quality buildings to enhance people's lives. Achieving ultra efficient, low carbon, low energy buildings isn't easy. It needs outstanding expertise in building physics and exceptional attention to detail. Out approach is based on whole-system thinking. By designing out technical complexity we minimise risk and add value. Our team of consultants, architects and builders have the budget of the client as one of the central consideration when designing specialist low carbon buildings and spaces for end user clients.
Mount Carrick commitment to sustainability, energy efficiently, contemporary design and the clients budget means we oversee all aspects of the build to ensure optimal thermal and energy performance is achieved and within budget.
Mount Carrick instinctively address sustainability and energy efficiency while ensuring any piece of architecture successfully integrates into its built environment. Each project is unique and time is taken to thoroughly understand client’s requirements before design development commences. The resultant architectural solution involves a layered process which embodies practices principles with project specific studies and research.

Passive houses are very well insulated buildings whose annual space heat demand is so low that the conventional heating system can be omitted The small amount of heat required can be delivered to the individual rooms by heating the air supplied by the ventilation system.

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