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There are many sustainable products currently available on the market, but which ones are right for your home?
The team at Mount Carrick have a wide knowledge of the use and application of sustainable materials. We can advise you on the application of these materials to increase the warmth in your existing building, we can also design your new building incorporating these materials to give you a truly sustainable building.

Many people working in the field of sustainable construction assume we should mainly be concerned with energy efficiency of buildings in use and the environmental impact of the construction of these buildings is of little concern. We argue that the embodied energy and the consumption of resources are just as important and that we should pay as much attention to the selection of materials as we do to the energy-efficient design. For a truly green building the selection of sustainable materials and building methods is just as important as energy efficiency in use.

Mount Carrick is determined to promote the viability of sustainable development in Ireland. To help achieve this objective, we have an established an extensive range of practical, high performance and cost effective alternatives to conventional building materials.

NBT products and systems are new generation building materials designed for new build, renovation and historic buildings and are based on cutting edge technical expertise and high quality practice.

Four Ranges are available:

  • Paint – emulsions, glosses, eggshell, oils, waxes and timber paints.
  • Insulation – woodfibre boards, cellulose fibre, flax batts and sheepwool.
  • Boards – clay boards, reed boards and mats.
  • Blocks – Ziegel blocks and building components.
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